Fast STD Testing

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic in Dubai

At our STD treatment clinic, we have cured many patients who have contracted sexually transmitted infections. These include Trichomoniasis, Chancroid, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea. Our expert doctors also provide medication and vaccines for Hepatitis, Herpes, HPV, and other sexually communicable diseases that are non-curable. It helps prevent the infection from transmitting to your partner during sexual contact and shortens outbreaks. Being one of the prominent STD clinics, we also offer IUD insertion services and effective control and prevention measures to young adults who engage in sexual activity.

If you have symptoms such as rash or itching in the genital area, painful urination, bumps in the rectum or mouth, anal warts, swollen or inflammatory pelvic region, or a vaginal discharge. Feel free to book an appointment. You can also consult our customer care representative for aesthetic cosmetology treatment in Dubai.

STD Testing And Screening

In order to detect the sexually transmitted infection, our health care providers conduct various tests, which include the following:

Blood Test

It is used in diagnosing whether a patient is HIV-positive or not and in examining the progression of Syphilis in the infected person.

Body Fluids Samples

Our leading venereology clinic tests fluids from open genital sores to determine what type of infection a person is contracted and how severe it is.

Urine Test

The health clinic collects urine samples to confirm some STDs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. These cannot be detected with blood tests or general checkups.

Cell Samples

Our center for disease control conduct testing on the discharge and cell sample from various parts of the body, which includes the throat, cervix, urethra, anus, and reproductive parts)

Our STD Treatment Clinic also performs the above test on the request of patients who have no signs and symptoms while adhering to the rules and guidelines. This is known as screening, and it aids in the detection of any venereal disease in pregnant women, people who are sexually active and have a monogamous relationship, patients with HIV Aids, or an individual who is currently got into a new relationship. It helps the screened patient to become more aware of their sexual health and reduces the chance of contracting STD symptoms caused by unprotected intercourse.

Our STD Treatment

The STDs can be treated based on how the infections have been transmitted in an individual body. The two common medications for treating such illnesses are:


This medication is prescribed by our top gynecologist when the infection is caused by bacteria or parasites. It can be cured in two or three doses. Still, the experts advise to maintain a distance for at least 9 to 12 weeks.

Antiviral Pills

Patients exposed to infectious diseases caused by viruses are given an antiviral drug. Taking this medication can keep the infection in check for a few years. However, the infection cannot be completely cured and can be passed-on to your partner.

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