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Endosphéres Therapy—also known as Endosphére Therapy Compressive Microvibration— is a brand new treatment that uses low-frequency vibrations. Endosphéres Therapy improves blood circulation and muscle pain, collagen, and elastin production, eliminates fluid and toxin retention, reduces cellulite and wrinkles, and sculpts the body.

VelaShape III uses a multi-stage process to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and to treat the underlying causes. You can see the reduction of cellulite after just one treatment, and multiple treatments can help smooth and tighten your skin until cellulite is rendered all but invisible.

i-Lipo is a Non-Surgical Alternative to Liposuction Because Laser is Painlessly Squeezing the Fat Out of Your Belly, Arms, Thighs, Back, Hips In Every 20 Minutes Session.

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Body Contouring

  • Vela Shape III (1 session) 892.5
  • Vela Shape III (3 Sessions) 2310
  • I-Lipo (1 Session) 199
  • I-Lipo (10 Sessions) 1575
  • Endospheres Therapy:
  • Endospheres Therapy Face 367.5
  • Endospheres Therapy Body 420
  • Endospheres Therapy Face Package of 10 sessions 3123.75
  • Endospheres Therapy Body Package of 10 sessions 3570

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