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Advanced Sciton BBL Laser Treatment in Dubai

Best Laser Skincare Treatment Dubai

At Pro Derma Clinic, a reputable aesthetic clinic in Dubai, we provide bespoke Sciton BBL laser facial treatment in Dubai. Whether you want skin resurfacing treatment, rejuvenation for sun-damaged skin, or removal of large pores and dead layers of skin, we provide every treatment for your glowing and beautiful-looking face. Our surgeons are highly experienced and up to date on all the technological advancements. Further, our clinic is equipped with high-tech laser technology that delivers the best results. Botox, non-surgical Blepharoplasty, and face-lift are other cosmetic treatments available at our clinic.

CO2 and Sciton BroadBand Light (Sciton BBL) Treatment

CO2 and Sciton BBL are two state-of-the-art techniques for dealing with various skin issues, including acne, UV damage, scars, aging, unwanted hair, and more. They establish new benchmarks for treating skin disorders brought on by aging, an active lifestyle, and sun exposure. Your skin’s outermost layers will be gradually warmed and the skin cells will begin to repair when heat is administered to the damaged areas. Following this procedure, your skin will appear clearer, softer, younger, and more vibrant, regaining its appeal.

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What Can Be Treated Using Sciton BBL?

A modern laser treatment, BBL, is used by skin specialists to heal any skin condition and achieve the desired results. The below-mentioned irregularities and imperfections are treated using this cutting-edge laser skin treatment at our clinic:

Acne scars


Brown Spots and Freckles

Discoloration and uneven skin tone

Facial redness and dark skin


Sagging skin

Sunspots and age-spots

Spider veins

Unwanted hair

Wrinkles and fine lines

Bruising under the eyes

Our Process

The laser therapy session lasts 30-40 mins, and the healing process starts within 3-4 days. The experts use topical anesthesia to make cosmetic procedures painless and to prevent discomfort. They also advise using sunscreen when stepping outside and provide ointment that heals the treatment quickly. Check out our laser treatment prices and packages in the UAE. Get in touch with us for skin treatments.

Advantages of Laser Treatments

  • Encourage the growth of new skin cells 
  • Delay the appearance and signs of aging skin 
  • Maintain younger-looking skin 
  • Provides a smoother skin texture 
  • Enhance the aesthetic of full-face 
  • Improve complexion by lightening darker skin

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