Terms and Conditions

Dear Patient,
Before we can confirm the date and time for consultation, we require an appointment fee of 75 AED, this fee will be deducted from the Consultation or Treatment fee that you will be paying after.

Please, understand that a lot of patients book appointments in our Poly Clinic and often they do not come, but we really want to help patients who need it. So to prevent this situations we are requiring a booking fee of 75 AED, and it should be paid before your consultation date and time. Also we would like to inform you that this booking fee is non refundable because this payment gives us guarantee that you’ll attend the consultation or treatment so we’re saving this slot for you.
It will be deducted from the total price upon check out.
Kindly, proceed with the payment by the payment link which you will receive upon the booking

Thank you.
Have a great day!

Booking Terms & Conditions (PDF, opens in a new tab)

Cancellation Policy (PDF, opens in a new tab)

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